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I'm Hanna from AL. and i have two kids and a loving husband, i was leaving a very normal life (going to work, acting as a mother and as a wife) and i never knew for a while i was living with a very deadly cancer called Cervical Cancer. I missed alot of my check ups maybe thats the reason i didnt detect it at early, when i went for check up i discovered i was diagnosed with cancer, so since then i have been going for treatment and hoping that oneday i would get something negative but the test result kept telling me positive and i kept loosing hope by the hour cause the doctor told me i wont live long, so i feared for my kids and cried everyday that i might leave them alone in this world, but one good day just when i met a high school friend who we havent seen since highschool days told me about a doctor who cured from her breast cancer with herbal medicines which made her cancer free, then she gave me his email contact and i email him where he asked me to come to his office and meet up with him the we met and he told me that i had nothing to worry about and that i wont die i shouldn't fear, he prepared a herbal medicine which didnt cost half of which i paid all this days to Dr. Mitchel for her treatment and service, i took this herb twice every day for two weeks then went to the clinic for check up i was shock with the positive result and i was very happy i was given another chance to live.

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April 14, 2017

Alexander City, Alabama 35010

October 13, 1971

Cancer Info

Cervical Cancer

May 12, 2015

Stage 3B

5.1 - 6.0 cm


To support Dr. David who cured me and help build a very good facility to help him build his medical facility other people can also be cured

still getting positive responds

I hated the fact that i might lost hope believing in my self oneday cause i never believed i could get out of this someday. Thanks to Dr. David

Never give up on yourself, keep praying and be strong

Dr. David Scott is an African American doctor, i strongly tell you he is the man to you problems and I'm speaking out of experience

had to stop going to the med the started taking Dr. David Herbal Med.

No, negative side effects.

had all been hopeless and i almost lost hope and i could only think of when i was going to die, not until i started going to meet doctor David and since when he started working on me it worked mirracle

love,support,prayers and cares.

USA Mitchell Cancer Institute - Monroeville

Now healthy than ever

February 13, 2017

no and would never return by God's grace

the first symptom for cervical cancer is no symptom at all.


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